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“Having high resilience does not mean it doesn't sometimes sting.”

Aisha Mirza

Our Training Base

The IRIS learning model is based on prominent and recent research in the area of resilience which tells us two key things:


  • Resilience is not innate – it can be learnt; and

  • A person’s resilience increases as one continually applies resilient thinking and behaviours in their everyday lives


IRIS workshops are inspired by some of the great authors in this (and related) fields including such notable theorists as Albert Ellis, Tim Beck, Suniya Luthar, Richard Tedeschi, Lillian Comos-Diaz, Anthony Kidman and Karen Saakvitine. However, our program is most influenced by our readings into the works of Martin Seligman, Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatté (someone our team had the pleasure of tutoring under in Pennsylvania some years back).


Through a process of retrospective learning you will master eight fundamental strengths that will not only improve your resilience but will also help you to regain joy into your life both professionally and personally.


Our strengths have been inspired by the published works of the American Psychological Society in this area and include…


Strength 1 Making Connections

Strength 2 Managing Icebergs

Strength 3 Learned Optimism: Optimising Your Thinking

Strength 4 Accurate Thinking: Understanding Optimism

Strength 5 Keeping Perspective

Strength 6 Expressing Emotions: Emotional Control

Strength 7 Applying Empathy

Strength 8 Choosing Your Battles: Confront Adversity Head On


Your learning outcomes in an IRIS workshop is very individual as your personal learning outcomes are guided by private psychometric assessments undertaken before the course commences.


Our most popular program... Resilience Fundamentals is a 1-day retrospective workshop focusing on the IRIS 8-strengths for emotional resilience.  The program is best delivered as a 2-day program but can be modified to work within your organizations time structure.



Resilience Mastery a 3-day residential intensive program building on the IRIS 8-strengths through philosophical enquiry model around the American Psychological Associations 10-steps to emotional resilience. 

Resilience Roundtable is a 3-hour seminar introducing participants to the science and benefits (in a business context) of emotional resilience.


Resilience Leadership is a 3-day program for leaders exploring the IRIS 8-strengths of emotional resilience; while learning how to coach these strengths within our teams.


Resilience Salesforce is a 1-day intensive workshop for professional sales people focusing on the IRIS 8-strengths and how they benefit the sales process.



Sports Stars

Resilience Frontline is a 1-day intensive workshop built around the IRIS 8-strengths for emotional resilience and how they can benefit individuals to better manage emotional resistance from both internal and external customers.

Resilient Teams IRIS has already tailored its Resilience Fundamentals workshop to meet the unique workplace culture of a number of industry sets including, but not limited to education, health, community welfare, legal, finance, retail, hospitality , law, information technology, telecommunications, public services, small business and family run enterprises

Resilient Sports Stars IRIS has a specialised training package for professional sports players.

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